To entertain with the branded music in bars and Pubs, it should get a license or permission from the government. If the pub gets a legal permission from the government, they can distribute so many programmers with the music facility. The music in a pub is an imperative one to be with and due to this service; the number of users will increase a lot.

In the current world, most of the people are looking for an efficient way to get relax and for that, the music will be helpful. Usually, the pub is having the best music system to entertain the people who are all available. Nearly 93 percent of pubs are providing this music facility to the people with respect to the atmosphere and some other aspects like sales of items, Research finds etc.

It can be anything like live performances of singing, karaoke, other events, sports and background music. For increasing the interest towards the Pub is achieved by playing a loud and unique system regularly. Club Midway is one of those to provide the best music system. A recent survey is stated that the music service is decreased by 5 percent in the year of 2007 and till now.